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"We can never get enough of that which doesn’t satisfy us"
-- Meher Baba --

We live in an addictive society, and the disease of addiction goes far beyond that of drugs and alcohol. The addictive process is one of the body, mind and spirit. To say that something is a disease does not necessarily imply that the medical model is the best or appropriate response. In fact, the disease of addiction itself has and is a process that requires ways and means to heal body, mind and spirit.

From drugs and alcohol, food and sex, gambling and shopping to codependency, the addictive process began when we distracted ourselves from pain (psychic and otherwise) with destructive coping mechanisms, some of which are listed above.

Individual and group psychotherapy can help to process the source of suffering, and can be a major part of recovery. However, denial and avoidance are initial hurdles and oftentimes interventions are necessary skillful means to bring an addict to awareness, acceptance and rehabilitation—in or outpatient.

Twelve step groups help most people on the path of recovery, and there are other tools like yoga, tai chi and meditation to control the mind and instill a sense of self- discipline as well as self esteem.

In my work with addictions of all kinds, I share my own path to recovery and tools that have supported me to heal and grow.

"Live in the layer, not on the litter"
-- Stanley Kunitz --