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“As a small business, experiencing rapid growth, Alexandra assisted my business partner and me in slowing down and examining the relationship that we had and creating a more humanistic and fulfilling one for the future. This meant greater communication, better productivity and a continuation of our financially sound business.”

Gary Moore, Vice President of Allstate Floors & Construction, Inc.

Businesses, like people, have developmental stages. Ouspensky states,“As above, so below.” A healthy business depends on the integrity of management to encourage and nurture loyalty and hard work from its employees. Thus a creative path is forged that can result in financial, environmental and humanistic rewards.

Because my life experience integrates Eastern philosophy and practices with the ability to analyze, organize and bring about progressive change, I have helped non-profits, corporations and small businesses. My clients have been able to heal rifts within management, raise morale and productivity among workers and increase market share and profits.

As Marketing Projects Manager with the National Brewing Company, I joined a team of high-powered male executives and brought new perspectives and projects to the table. My creativity and teamwork created good will and increased revenue in many markets and won our company the coveted Addy Award.

With skillful means, you will be able to transform obstacles into vehicles for growth; recreate your company’s vision, and heal rifts within your organization. Because relationships are the heart and soul of any organization, you will develop communication skills that create a safe, productive space for listening and responding with clarity and equanimity.

My clients have benefited from individual and conjoint sessions among management; yoga, meditation and stress reduction sessions for staff and day-long corporate retreats.


" It is never too late or too early to journey into the unknown to seek a vision".
-- Ray Bradbury --