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Creating a workshop affords me the opportunity to integrate a wealth of healing tools like yoga, tai chi, meditation, writing, group process and whatever is appropriate for the focus of the work.

Workshops like “WOMANSPIRIT: Celebrating Our Journey.” Celebrating the Mother-Daughter Connection,” and “Celebrating Moon Time” have helped women to awaken their aliveness, inspire their creativity and reclaim their sacred feminine.

Workshops like “Inner Kids Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Life Poems” have helped men and women explore the mysteries of childhood, relieve the pain and relive the pleasure.

As a child, I watched my mother move gracefully through her day performing one ritual after another. The morning tea brewed in an exquisite cobalt blue and gold china teapot culminated in a delicious cup of “Babcia tea” (Babcia is Polish for grandmother) with milk and honey. At the end of the day, my favorite ritual was at one of my mother’s altars—lighting the deep red votive candle and a stick of Rani Sandalwood Incense as we sat or knelt to pray and then fall softly into stillness together. That profoundly peaceful practice helped guide the spiritual journey from Catholicism to Hinduism and yoga, Native American spirituality and Buddhism which bring me such tranquility and happiness each day.

Those early rituals inform the ceremonies that I create and perform today—weddings, birth and coming-of-age rituals, smudge ceremonies for cleansing and alleviating grief and loss as well as addictions, house blessings and relationship challenges.

As we integrate the spirit of our ancestors in ritual and ceremony, we bring healing and joy to the significant passages and mundane activities of our precious lives.

Past workshops (click to view flier)

WOWANSPIRIT: Celebrating Our Journey
Celebrating the Mother Daughter Connection
Sweatlodge for Healing Women & Mother Earth
Beyond Conventional Medicine
Inner Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
Celebrating Moon Time
Voices of Women Conference & Expo
Baltimore Jung Working Group
Cultivating the Warrior Within and Without
The Dream Weaver Trilogy

"I've had a lot of tragedy in my life, and some of it really happened".
-- Mark Twain --